As glasshouse and greenhouse structures become ever more popular, we look at the design trends that we're expecting to see in 2020.

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Image: Hartley Botanic

With our outdoor spaces becoming more of an extension of our living space and a growing desire to bring the outside in, exterior glasshouses will undoubtedly keep rising in popularity in years to come. 

Glasshouse manufacturer Hartley Botanic has identified some key glasshouse and greenhouse trends that are influencing its work over the coming year. 

Contemporary design

Greenhouse ownership is becoming far more diverse and the image of greenhouse gardening is changing. This is partly down to a culture change with greater importance placed on growing your own produce for environmental and health concerns, but is also being driven by a more design-led approach to gardening in general.

An increasing number of greenhouse owners are seeing the value of displaying their plants in structures which offer cleaner lines and larger windows.


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Image: Hartley Botanic 

In terms of colour palette, Hartley Botanic believe that 2020 will see a move away from greenhouses in light grey and light stone and towards darker graphite shades which mirror the colour choices we're making within our properties.

Managing Director of Hartley Botanic Tom Barry says: "Heritage greenhouse colours such as Forest Green and white will always be very popular, but for those opting for a more contemporary look, grey tones will definitely become much darker."

Modern classic 

Greenhouse owners will be blending classic, nostalgic looks and styles with modern innovation in 2020. Although many greenhouse owners love the classic look of a period glasshouse, they are keen to combine this style with the latest technology to save time and reduce cleaning requirements.

Tom Barry explains that "we will be seeing greenhouse structures that look like they are from the 19th century, but which have engineering and design features firmly embedded in the 21st," offering the perfect blend of modern and classic. 

Larger structures

hartleybotanic greenhouse - glasshouse trends for 2020 - home improvements -

Image: Hartley Botanic

Over the past few years the average size of glasshouse structures has increased massively, something Hartley Botanic expects this to continue into 2020. A trend for larger greenhouses and glasshouses has been influenced by the fact that customers are increasingly using their Greenhouses for both horticultural requirements and other ‘lifestyle’ uses such as dining and entertaining.

Mental wellness 

The benefits of getting out into nature is well-documented, but in 2020 gardeners will be investing in greenhouses as a way to help maximise the mental wellness potential of their gardens. 

Having a separate space outside of the home that is embedded in nature offers a sense of escapism. 


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