5 reasons to have a home gym space

For many, a gym membership can often be money down the drain as life gets in the way of any sort of regular training regime...

Promotional Feature By Gemma Parkes | 10 July 2017

Modern life means busy lifestyles for many of us. Everything from work, family commitments and social gatherings can mean that fitness can often take a back seat. For many of us, a gym membership can often be money down the drain as life gets in the way of any sort of regular training regime. This is why more and more people are opting to train at home. Proving more practical and effective, here are just a few reasons why…

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1. Fit your programme around you

When you’re a member of a gym, you have to fit your regime around opening hours and equipment availability, not to mention other gym members! Public holidays can be really frustrating, as can the general opening hours. What if a late-night workout suits you best but your gym closes at 9pm? When you have equipment at home, you can exercise whenever it suits you. Plus, with no travel to consider, you can complete your workout that bit faster.

2. Focus with no distractions

Many of us like to think of ourselves as sociable, but when it comes to working out, most of us just want to get on and focus. Small talk can be distracting and annoying in a workout environment. At home, nobody will disturb you so you can stay focused and really get stuck into a more efficient workout. You don’t need to worry about what others think and you can stick to your plan without fail as there’s nobody getting in your way. Plus, you’re always first in line to your equipment and you can hog it for as long as you please!


3. Save money

The cost of a gym membership adds up over time and we often don’t get the full benefit of what we’re paying for. When you train at home, you can choose key pieces to suit your budget, needs and preferences, which means a great investment. Once you have what you need, you can add to your personal collection as and when you want to, rather than pay out on a monthly basis to pay for a monthly membership. There are fantastic fitness equipment options to suit all budgets, as well as plenty of functional pieces that can really complement all training programmes, such as resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls.

4. Create your personal workout space

When you have your own workout space, you don’t have to worry about anyone’s needs but your own. You can set up your equipment exactly how you like, listen to whatever music you like – without headphones – and you’re in charge of what equipment you have. You can do your research to find the best brands and know that you’re using equipment that you trust and will deliver the best results. You can create your own, bespoke gym space. And your equipment is all yours – you don’t have to share it!

5. You don’t need loads of space

Not everyone has the luxury of lots of space. And even if you do, you might not want to dedicate masses to fitness. Fitness equipment for the home continues to evolve to make it more and more practical for using in smaller spaces. Foldaway treadmills, rowing machines, compact multi-gyms and adjustable dumbbells (which provide you with many weights in a single pair of dumbbells) are just a few examples of excellent space-efficient options.