Your choice of materials can make or break your grand design. Here’s why it’s important to get it right at the outset…


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When embarking on your passion project, whether that’s a self-build or a major renovation, the early choices you make will be some of the most important in your entire journey. They can define how you live in, enjoy and experience your home, but they can also affect future projects – better to get it right at the start than have to fix it later.

It’s a given that you’ll want to keep building costs under control. But there are still areas where making the right investment in materials will pay big dividends in the future. It’s something to consider if this is to be your long-term home, and it starts with insulation…

Opt for high-performance insulation

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There’s much more to insulation that just retaining heat within a home, and it’s also vital to understand that not all insulations are created equal.

By setting budget aside for energy efficient insulation, you’re not only looking at ways to save fuel use, you’re looking at the secret heart of where you live. It’s the hidden hero – working in many beneficial ways underneath the good-looking exterior of your home.

Towards an energy-efficient home

There are several reasons why you may want to deploy stone wool insulation as part of an energy-efficient plan for your house.

Firstly, it does what most people expect it to do in winter, bringing tangible thermal benefits and thus helping to save money on energy bills. But it also regulates temperature all year round, making sure you don’t swelter in summer.

This temperature regulation means that you can futureproof yourself against rising energy costs too, as stone wool can reduce consumption by up to 70%. How does it work exactly? ROCKWOOL stone wool’s insulating properties derive from tiny pockets of air trapped within the physical structure, allowing it to achieve thermal conductivity (Lambda values) of between 0.044 W/mK and 0.034 W/mK.

To further boost your home’s ecological credentials, you also have peace of mind that stone wool is sustainable and 97% recyclable. It’s created from naturally occurring volcanic rock and all production waste is recycled during manufacture.

The heaven of home soundproofing

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Stone wool insulation can have a significant impact on the acoustics of your home too – increasingly considered as a quality mark of its build. Its porous structure has excellent sound absorption properties, blocking sound waves and making your home quieter, peaceful and more relaxing. And that’s not just keeping the outside world quiet, it’s also about minimising sound intrusion from room to room.

It’s just one aspect of insulation that helps to boost the long-term value of a home too. It’s a safe product – stone wool is a non-combustible insulation that is compliant with building regulations – and also one that will add real value to a home.

If you ever decide to sell your dream home, future occupants will want the benefits of insulation too, and they’ll have it because ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation will last the lifetime of the building.

The ROCKWOOL Stone Wool Insulation Solution

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Spinning volcanic rock into wool retains all the natural attributes of that naturally-occurring material and turns it into one of the highest-performing insulation materials on the market. ROCKWOOL have been working with stone wool since 1937 and making insulation for British homes since 1979 – a pedigree that means they know how to tailor it for all kinds of properties.

The long-term cost benefits are clear to see, but that’s not where insulation stops being a boon to the home you’ve always dreamed of. Fire-proof and with excellent thermal and acoustic properties, it’s a multi-faceted product that can boost you and your family’s well-being for decades.


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