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As demand for higher levels of natural illumination grows, the Rooflight Company’s neo™ collection maximises light ingress with style.


The Rooflight Co Grand Designs June 2019 Advertorial Kitchen Bright Rooflight Light Space White copy

neo™: the skylight for pitched roofs designed to look like a sheet of glass.

More people than ever are saying that they want more natural light. They are increasingly knowledgeable about health and wellbeing, as well as the energy-saving benefits that natural light provides. Furthermore, they want to create a ‘wow-factor’ with large expanses of vertical and overhead glazing.

A room with a window might be considered a naturally-lit space. However, daylighting experts would argue that for any space to be considered daylit it must use natural light as the principal source of daytime illumination. They also would insist that the external environment and internal space need to be seamlessly connected and that the natural light must create a thermally comfortable place.

The good news is that top-lighting allows up to 30% more natural light to enter a space than vertical glazing of the same size. Top-lighting also connects people with the sky above, literally bringing the sky into the room below.

With many options available in pitched skylights and flat rooflights, it is not difficult to find a top-lighting solution. However, the real challenge that everyone faces is finding a solution that elegantly expands their natural light.

The Rooflight Co Grand Designs June 2019 Advertorial Kitchen Sink Bright Modern Roof Lights copy

The neo™ skylight features a top hinged opening (as opposed to centre-pivoted) to maximise the space below.

Elegant Simplicity

The neo™ collection from the Rooflight Company comes in expanses up to 2.3m x 1.4m. Architect Jenny Harborne of Imago architects was approached by her client to add elegant skylights to an extension to a minimalist property in Fulham, London. She specified neo™ from the Rooflight Company because, unlike most modern skylights, neo™, when closed, has totally clear views uncluttered by opening mechanisms. Privacy was a key element of the brief as the property is flanked at either side by homes overlooking the extension. With this in mind the glazing was upgraded to Optifloat Opal privacy glass.

Three neo™ S12 skylights were specified, two being motorised and one fixed shut. The motorised skylights were fitted with rain sensors to ensure automatic closure during adverse weather conditions.

'I like the clean lines and modern design of the neo™ skylight,' says Harborne. 'It merges well with the standing seam roof at this project and complements the minimal design perfectly.'

Featuring a sleek, contemporary and elegant design and flush edge-to-edge glazing, the neo™ offers a skylight that combines unique properties with a frameless, minimalist appearance to complement modern architecture and interiors perfectly in a property like the one in Fulham.

The Rooflight Co Grand Designs June 2019 Advertorial Outside View Windows Roof Light copy

The clean lines and modern design of the neo™ skylight are a perfect fit for the standing seam roof at the property in Fulham.

Light from Above

The neo™ Plateau range consists of sizes up to 2m x 1m and it is the Rooflight Company’s solution for flat roofs. The range combines superior design features such as their unique Thermoliner® detail to minimise the risk of condensation and mould, and an insulated kerb detail to retain heat within a building. neo™ Plateau follows the elegant design of the neo™ pitched skylight.

Gallery, a high-end residential and commercial installation specialist based in London, were looking for a solution that could give their project quality natural daylight, without compromising heat retention. Their team identified the neo™ Plateau as being the perfect solution for their needs.

The Rooflight Co Grand Designs June 2019 Advertorial Staircase view sqaure roof light copy

neo™ Plateau gives quality natural daylight, without compromising heat retention.

As a company founded by an architect more than 25 years ago, the Rooflight Company appreciate the importance of aesthetics which is why their ranges are designed provide an unobtrusive finish when compared with other options on the market.

Rooflight Company Logo 2016

To find out more about the Rooflight Company and its range of rooflights, from conservation to contemporary and bespoke options, visit our website, call 01993 833108 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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