When planning a new home, apartment, refurbishment or extension, one of the main priorities is to ensure that the interior is filled with light so that it becomes a warm and welcoming space for family and friends.

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Carefully designed glazing is obviously the best way to achieve this, hence the increasing popularity of installing large-scale, glazed sliding doors in kitchens and living areas where, when fully open, they also create a wonderful new dynamic by blurring the boundary between house and garden. But as with any home-related purchase, the product you’re buying needs to be fit for purpose. In the case of sliding doors, points to watch out for are the rigidity of the sliding vents, the ease with which they open and close, how well they are insulated and the level of security they offer.

Schueco Grand Designs April 2019 Advertorial Interior Sea View Panoramic Glass Doors Living Room

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Insisting on quality at every stage – in design, manufacture and installation – is the best way to ensure that you get a product that provides a complete, long-term solution. Which is where the panoramic range of sliding doors from Schueco UK scores.

Designed and engineered in Germany using quality aluminium profiles, but fabricated and installed in the UK by Schueco’s national network of Partner companies, a Schueco sliding door allows customers to buy with confidence.

Included in its range are Panoramic Doors which – as the name suggests – are designed for large openings: as an example, the size of the leaves of a Schueco ASE 67 PD door can be up to 3.5 metres high by 3.2 metres wide and a typical installation might include the use of two, three or four leaves. Rollers positioned in the middle of the moving vent distribute the weight evenly, minimising friction and ensuring that the vent always moves smoothly. Depending upon the level of insulation required, the vents can be double- or triple-glazed.

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Importantly, the Schueco ASE 67 PD offers homeowners not simply stylish aesthetics and easy-action opening and closing, but also the advantage of minimal sightlines – its outer frame is completely concealed within the building structure – which result in huge areas of clear glass.

The ASE 67 PD door comes in two different options with different outer frames. The slimmer of the two options – which has a 57 mm frame – is especially suitable for use in renovation projects: it offers a lower overall frame cost, but without any reduction in the excellent levels of sound insulation (up to 46 dB).

Schueco Grand Designs April 2019 Advertorial Exterior Pool View Modern House Glass Panoramic Doors

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A completely flat threshold eliminates the possibility of tripping and yet the door still delivers watertightness to 300 Pa and wind resistance to Class C3. The deeper 90 mm option offers even greater weather resistance with watertightness to 600 Pa. Both versions have a very slim central mullion of 31 mm and can accommodate glass widths ranging from 36 mm to 49.6 mm. There is a choice of locking options, one located in the central meeting stile and one located on the side, but both offering the high level of security that gives customers peace of mind.


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