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Adding colour to your home can be a delicate task. While introducing bold features can often disrupt the balance, IRO architectural timber introduces these statement pieces in an understated way - offering the perfect equilibrium.

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BSW Timber Grand Designs February 2019 Advertorial Kitchen Spash Back Feature Wall Wood Natural Effect

Image: BSW Timber

The innovative range of decking and architectural cladding, which can be used both inside and outside your home, comes in an array of 15 exclusive colours - making it the perfect choice for all environments. Each created to blend seamlessly with this year’s trends, the current colour palette comprises charcoal, chestnut, claret, dolphin, dragon fruit, driftwood, forest, lagoon, mountain, piglet, poppy, sunflower, sunset and woodland, as well as natural.

BSW Timber Grand Designs February 2019 Advertorial Timber Wood Painted Colour Swatch Sample Rainbow

Image: BSW TImber

Some of the most effective uses of cladding can be found in the kitchen and living areas. As the rooms in which we spend the most time, these areas often benefit from bold splashes of colour and IRO’s sunset orange, sunflower yellow and lagoon blue certainly make a statement.

The external cladding has also proven to be extremely popular, especially in city locations. While these neighbourhoods can often feel like ‘concrete jungles’, IRO’s forest green and poppy red break up the grey and breathe life to these exteriors.

BSW Timber Grand Designs Febuary 2019 Advertorial Black Red Decking Cladding Flat Balcony

Image: BSW Timber

While coating your entire property in cladding won’t appeal to everyone, it’s a great idea to use colour to highlight specific areas or architectural features – perhaps you want to draw attention to a recent loft conversion or highlight a particular feature of your home’s exterior. Using cladding can also be a great way to break up your outdoor space and define boundaries within your garden or courtyard.

Those who don’t want to make too bold a statement should look for charcoal and driftwood tones which are great for areas which receive a good amount of natural light and can be used to bring the atmosphere of the outdoors into your home. The subtler tones of chestnut and natural work perfectly as decking too, and are designed in such a way that they brighten up any outdoor space or garden - complementing both city and countryside environments. 

BSW Timber Grand Designs February 2019 Advertorial Timber Grey Loft Bedrooom Conversion Roof Windows

Image: BSW Timber

Unlike similar products available on the market, IRO architectural timber is developed using the traditional Japanese method of Shou Sugi Ban.

First developed in the 18th century, the process of Shou Sugi Ban uses heat to enhance the surface of timber. The stunning charcoal-black result reveals clean, distinct lines and textures unlike those seen in traditional cladding and decking. The timber is then coated with Rubio Monocoat – a cream which ensures a long-lasting finish. While other decking and cladding products can fade quickly, IRO’s longevity is guaranteed – plus it boasts a self-cleaning, water-repellent surface and is also 100% eco-friendly. Its HVOC-free properties mean that it is also 100% safe for young children and animals alike.

BSW Timber Grand Designs February 2019 Advertorial Home Windows Timber Cladding Dark Black Garden View

Image: BSW Timber

To find out more, or order a sample, visit our website or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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