Innovator and global market leader of workplace ergonomics, Humanscale create office products designed to work and adapt to the user instead of vice versa.

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Established over 35 years ago, Humanscale have maintained their ethos of developing high-performance tools that encourage a more healthy and active approach to work-based tasks, all the while remaining incredibly stylish and on-trend. 

A prestigious brand within the world of ergonomic furniture, Humanscale offer designs that aim to improve the comfort and well-being of office workers across the globe, encouraging healthy posture and decreased work-related injuries. With an ever-expanding range of ergonomic solutions, Humanscale products have been designed to work cohesively to create the definitive working environment. 

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True trailblazers in the industry, Humanscale started their ergonomic journey in the late Nineties with their first ergonomic task chair named the “Freedom Chair”, designed by celebrated industrial designer, Niels Diffrient. Combining extraordinary functionality with ease of use, the Freedom Chair cemented Humanscale as a true innovator.

Since the great success of their first task chair, Humanscale have paved the way and created several other successful ergonomic seating options including the Liberty, Smart and World task chair. The stylish, yet functional seating solutions provide comfort and strong lumbar support in all postures, whilst removing all the complexities found in knobs and levers. The company’s latest products continue to revolutionise the modern workplace and maintain a user-centric approach, products such as the Trea chair.

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An award-winning product, the Trea chair combines a timeless, clean aesthetic with stylish functionality. Inspired by simple, natural forms and packed with practical parameters, Trea follows an essentialist design approach where comfort is key.

Designed in collaboration with creative visionary Todd Bracher, the Trea chair presents intuitive comfort by replicating the instinctive recline of the human body, cradling the user in a supportive shell with a smooth waterfall edge for unsurpassed lumbar support.

The Trea chair is innovatively engineered using a unique solid state recline mechanism that offers the user 12 degrees of movement and a contoured backrest gently pivots to follow the user’s natural movement of hip rotation, allowing the sitter to move freely without the need for adjustment mechanisms or dials.

Humanscale Houseology GD Jan19 Advertorial Trea Chair White Office Desk Chair Wheels

Image: Humanscale

Offering visual harmony, the choice of four-star, cantilever or four-legged bases are completely interchangeable, offering a customised solution for any interior space.
Stylish and contemporary, the Trea chair offers a comfortable seating experience for any user. Perfectly balanced, the Trea chair is a harmonious accent for any design scheme as its minimal aesthetic can work effortlessly with any office space.

Shop the Humanscale Trea chair at Houseology for the perfect balance of pure aesthetics and everyday ergonomic design.

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