We meet the manufacturers of the best engineered wood floors in the UK 


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Finding the best engineered wood flooring for your apartment or office can be overwhelming. With so many brands vying for business, the market is crowded and competition fierce. Let’s take a look at some of the best brands by manufacturer Stories Flooring, whose products are worth the investment.


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Linton engineered wood floors are crafted for discerning customers with a modern taste. Perfect for urban homes and smart commercial spaces, the multi-layer construction process imparts exceptional strength and durability to these excellently crafted floors.

The thick wear layer allows you to re-sand your Linton floors several times, renewing their glamorous looks over the years.

Linton floors are highly resilient to humidity, temperature, rot, insects or mould. You can install these floors confidently in basements and conservatories without worrying about warping or bulging.

The floors are very eco-friendly too as they are mostly made of recycled wood. With diverse patterns and rich textures, Linton floors allow several possibilities to add a distinct character to your interiors. Installation is super easy with the tongue and groove technology and you can enjoy your floors immediately after they are installed.


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Tuscan offers an exclusive range of engineered wood floors boasting stunning surface finishes that makes it difficult to differentiate them from solid wood floors. With pronounced knots, grains and patterns and different surface textures, Tuscan floors are ideal both for modern and traditional interiors. The floors are highly stable, strong and durable and available in different dimensions to suit every space.

With captivating patterns, shades and diverse surface finishes, Tuscan floors are guaranteed to enhance the character of any space. Installation is easy with the 5GC installation mechanism and maintenance is minimal.

With Tuscan floors, you not only get a top-quality engineered wood floor but a product that is eco-friendly too. All Tuscan floors are FSE certified that guarantees minimal impact on the environment and the forests from where the timber is sourced.


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Parador engineered wood floors are an appreciation of the true beauty of solid wood floors at an affordable price. The floors are an exceptional combination of luxurious looks and unmatched performance that’s worth every penny. Taking inspiration from nature and the world of architecture, Parador engineered wood floors offer limitless possibilities to create the space of your dreams. 

Parador floors are distinguished by a meticulous eye for detail, uncompromising craftsmanship and collaboration with some of the best designers and architects. All the floors are made from top-grade, recyclable materials using green energy that emphasise the company’s commitment to a better environment and sustainability.


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Established in 1857, Karhs is a Swedish brand credited with creating engineered wood floors for the first time. With consistent innovation and commitment to high quality, the company has stood the test of time and is presently considered a global giant.

Today, Karhs floors adorn homes and offices in over 70 nations with designs and patterns that are often considered trendsetters in the engineered wood floor industry.

Kahrs is also credited as the pioneer of solvent-free surface treatment procedure. They are one of the few engineered wood flooring manufacturers who offer an expansive range of floors both for the traditional and the contemporary or the modern and minimalist décor of your interiors.

Whatever your choice of timber, whether oak, ash, maple, beech, cherry or walnut, Kahrs has something for you.


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When you want premium engineered wood floors for your home or office, look no further than the Holt. These floors are built to last for generations with their distinct 2-layered design.

The top layer is solid timber while the bottom layer comprises several layers of high-density fibreboard for excellent stability, strength and durability. The thick planks with a tough wear layer allow you to re-sand and revamp your luxurious engineered wood floors as many times as required.

With planks featuring bevelled or micro-bevelled edges, Holt floors look astonishingly like solid wood floors. What makes Holt floors a class in its own is the manufacturing technology that allows you to install these floors even in kitchens and basements without worrying about the effects of humidity or temperature fluctuations.

These robust floors require minimum maintenance and are ideal for busy families.


Visit any Stories Flooring showrooms or browse their online shop to choose from theirextensive collection of engineered wood floors.

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