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Installing a new kitchen or bathroom is a large investment, our detailed guide below will ensure you are choosing the right waterproof TV for your project

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bathroom with wall mounted tv above bath tub

Image: Sarason TV

If you are considering installing a waterproof TV in your home (or even in your back garden), you have a lot to think about. This decision can feel a little bit intimidating, as there are many different choices on the market. The best waterproof TV for your home will depend on a whole host of factors, including where in your home you plan to mount it and what you plan to watch.

In order to help you make the best choice, we have compiled a list of tips and guidance. If you are in the market for a waterproof TV, we are here to help.

Ensure that your choice is safety accredited

tv in bathroom above bath tub

Image: Sarason TV

If you are planning to have electronics anywhere near water, you need to ensure that they pass all relevant safety tests and are compliant with EU certifications.

Decide if you want to a mirrored finish

mirrored tv in bathroom

Image: Sarason TV

A mirror finish can add a sleek and sophisticated element to your bathroom décor, but you have to remember that this choice will affect your viewing experience. Mirrored bathroom TVs have a semi-reflective coating applied to the glass, and when the TV is switched off, you can use the screen as a mirror.

That said, you sacrifice efficiency on both ends – the mirror is not fully reflective, and the TV is not as bright and clear. This can affect viewing, and might mean that the picture is not as clear as a non-mirrored option. That said, a mirrored bathroom TV can be an excellent choice for those who want to maximise spare and have their screen do double duty.

What size do you want your waterproof TV to be?

wall mounted tv in bathroom above bath tub

Image: Sarason TV

If you are planning to mount your waterproof TV at the end of your bath (so that you can completely relax while soaking in the tub and watching a film), you need to assess your space. For the space at the end of your bathtub, you will likely be looking at waterproof TVs that are in the 17” to 27” range. A lot of our clients find that units around 19” are perfect for their space. That said, if you have a larger sized bathroom (or you are planning to mount your TV in an outdoor area) you can increase your size to the 27” to 32”+ range. This will allow you to see your screen from a distance.

Consider the space where you are going to hang your waterproof TV

wall mounted tv in bathroom mirrored above bathroom sink

Image: Sarason TV

Waterproof TV installation is going to vary depending on the different models and manufacturers. In order to determine where you want to hang your TV, it is a good idea to lie down in the bathtub (it’s up to you whether it’s full or not!). This helps you to determine your sightline, and then you can decide where you are going to mount your bathtub TV. Once you have chosen the spot, you need to then check to see if it is possible to drill a hole in the wall here so that you can safely secure cables away from the water. Our expert installation team will make sure that your TV can be mounted where you want it, and in a safe way.

For more information contact Sarason TV on 0203 086 7622 or visit our website www.sarasontv.co.uk.


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