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October 20, 2017

On-screen inspired London terrace basement extension

Film executive Niels Swinkels and his wife Erica took inspiration from on-screen interiors to turn their London terrace into a bright, open home. When film…

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Nestled in the Devon countryside, Arada have more than forty years’ experience in manufacturing the ultimate British heating product with a passion for style, state of the art design and clean burning technology. Here they bring advice on choosing the perfect model for your home.

Where to begin

Choosing a stove can be tricky as there are lots of technical and installation factors to consider.

Many factors play a role in determining whether a chimney, flue or fireplace is in a suitable condition for the installation of a stove. For this reason, we highly recommend that you have a registered member of a Competent Person Scheme to carry out a full site survey and inspect the suitability of your fireplace and chimney and advise on the right product for you.

Output and fuel

During your assessment you should also be able to work out your heating requirement. As a rough guide, we multiply the height, depth and width of the room (in metres) then divide this by 14. This will give you the average heating requirement of the room in kilowatts.

Think about your fuel choices too- decide whether you wish to burn wood or smokeless solid fuel or even both with a multi fuel option. But beware, if you live in a UK Smoke Control Area, you will need to choose a DEFRA exempt product to meet current clean air regulations.

Heating hot water?


Perhaps you may not want to just heat the room, but also your hot water too? If so, boiler stoves are the perfect fusion of style and practicality, with all the looks of a modern stove combined with state of the art boiler technology. When installed with a thermal store, Arada boiler stoves can be combined with any other source of heating, from traditional gas and oil systems to the ‘greener’ ground source heat pumps and solar panels. A great example is Arada’s Ecoboiler High Efficiency range with freestanding, inset and cassette models as well as a dedicated wood only stove.


Arada offer freestanding, inset and cassette stoves to cover all sorts of environments and positioning.

Alongside Arada’s boiler stove collection, are their Timeless Classics- equally at home inside a red-bricked chimney breast of a cosy cottage or glowing within the grand fireplace of a country home. Either way, they have an abundance of charm and character and will transform any room.


Or for a modern wow factor, go for their Contemporary Living collection featuring clean- cut lines, large viewing windows and superior controllability, combined with top efficiency ratings!



For an added injection of style, Arada offer all of their stoves and log stores in a range of colours alongside their standard stocked grey and black. From a shimmering rose stove, to a classic grey body with sky blue door, you can match your new stove to your home décor.


Clean burning

With stringent new EU legislation due to come into force in 2022, some UK stove manufacturers have made clean burning a priority now. Arada are one of these, already producing products with low emissions, CO levels and clean burning in mind; meeting the new legislation five years ahead of schedule.

Look out for their Ecodesign Ready Farringdon range- sleek, stylish and one of the most clean burning stoves on the market therefore saving you money, improving the environment for the future and making the most from your fuel.


Support British

Handcrafted from start to finish, each Arada stove starts life in the hands of our craftsmen. Raw steel is crafted with precision. Exacting joins are welded at 1500°C. Sparks fly as surfaces are perfected. Your stove emerges, bearing all the hallmarks of being designs, engineered and built in Britain by people who take pride in a job well done.

In fact, Arada have so much confidence in their products that they offer an industry leading guarantee for all their stoves- 7 years for a boiler stove and a lifetime guarantee for all others.


To find your nearest retailer, visit www.aradastoves.com/where-to-buy

EMAIL:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 01297 35700

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