Discover a whole new world of colour, style and adventurous design with the Moda Collection by Cult Furniture, simple enough to look good with every – and we mean every - style of décor.

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Introducing Moda by Cult Furniture

Photography: Mae Gabriel

If you’re a design lover (or even if you’re not) you’ll know that chairs are one of the most important parts of a home. Apart from the fact that you need them to sit on, they’ve been the subject of some of the most iconic design work over the past century to the point where they’re now as much objects of desire as purely functional pieces.

And because they’re so central to our lives, there’s little that can change the look or feel of a room like some new seating; equally it’s easy to fall into the rut of keeping your chairs plain in the hopes it won’t date. Our seating can even hold back a room from achieving its full potential.

These are just some of the reason we think you’ll love the Moda collection. If you’re not yet acquainted, think of this range of chairs and stools as a chance to transform your space without spending huge amounts of time or money. You’ll discover a whole new world of colour, style and adventurous design with these pieces, kept simple enough to look good with every – and we mean every - style of décor.


The inspiration

Moda draws its inspiration from the mid-century period – AKA the 40s, 50s and 60s, now renowned as a period of creativity when furniture design married function with exciting new developments in materials and construction. Many design icons that we still now and love now came out of the era but arguably the most recognisable were the chairs, plenty of which have the honour of not only being in museums around the world but still a part of people’s homes today.

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Colour your world

Cult Furniture’s design team had some of these most iconic pieces on its mind when it came to developing a chair that was sturdy, wouldn’t date, and looked good in practically any room (except perhaps the bathroom. You decide). The result is Moda; a collection that streamlines down the best silhouettes of the mid-century era and reinvents them with a host of contemporary colours.

Whether that’s the current obsession with paintbox reds, yellows, blues and greens as reflected across the fashion catwalks, or the perennially hip burgundies, teals and dark tones that look as good in the warm months as they do the winter.

And that’s not forgetting the neutrals – whatever design takes your fancy, you’ll also find it in ubiquitously grey tones, optic white and goes-with-everything black.

If you’re a fan of minimalism and all things white and wood, a simple bright orange or yellow chair can completely switch the look and feel of your room. Equally if you’re a devotee of the pastel look, Moda’s the choice for you - try a soft pink or blue chair in your bedroom.

We like to think of Moda as a jumping-off point for your adventures with colour, and an opportunity to play around with expectations. A room full of multi-coloured chairs? Why not! Or bright green walls with baby-pink seats? There’s nothing holding you back. Combining their vintage look with modern freedom of choice, we want Moda to fit into the way you live your life now.

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Take your pick

The Moda Collection has been designed to be every bit as versatile as they are stylish.

Start by choosing your seat with or without arms, then pick a base to finish it off – including iconic ‘Eiffel tower’ style metal legs or softer, more Scandi-influenced designs in pale wood. You’ll find them in glistening chrome, classic white, gold, copper and even two-tone designs.

Glimpse underneath any Moda chair and you’ll also find a little secret – a patented system that allows you to change the seats and bases in a flash. It’s exclusive to Cult Furniture and we think you’ll love it.

Finally, new for 2017 are the Moda stools and rockers, the same incredible designs, but now perfect for creating that breakfast bar ambience, right at home – plus our cosy Moda rocking chairs.

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Where to find Moda

You’ll find the whole collection exclusively online at alongside hundreds more designer-inspired accessories and pieces of furniture - without the designer price tag.


How to style them

  • We’re seeing plenty of people make the switch from the traditional swivel chairs over to armchairs in their home office. Making things feel slightly more formal and pulled-together, Moda works as hard as you do behind a desk.
  • Moda stools + a kitchen island = a brand new area for family meetings, relaxed dinner parties or even just a drink after work, and ideal for homes without enough space for a dining table.
  • Always wanted to try a two-tone colour scheme? Do it with Moda. Live it up with half green, half black chairs round your dining table or a suite of primary coloured seating throughout your home. The simple shape makes it work.
  • Even the bases look good mixed and matched. Don’t feel you have to stick to the same one for each chair at your table – try a melange of wood and metal styles to give your dining room the feel of a one-off.
  • Thanks to its wipe-clean seats and hardwearing nature, can withstand teenage bedrooms easily. Though don’t tell them that, whatever you do.


Shop Cult Furniture’s Moda dining chair and bar stool collection.

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Introducing Moda by Cult Furniture

Discover a whole new world of colour, style and adventurous design with the Moda Collection by Cult Furniture.
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