Make the most out of your bathroom space with these smart storage solutions.

bathroom storage alcove shelves - smart ideas for bathroom storage - home improvements -

Image: Villeroy & Boch 

Storage is a vital element of any bathroom design and there are many creative ideas to make the most out of the space you are working with.

Take a look at this suite of ideas to maximise your bathroom's storage potential. 

A cohesive suite 

duravit bathroom suite - smart ideas for bathroom storage - home improvements - 

Image: Duravit

A sizeable bathroom can handle a full suite with matching storage. Choosing cohesive bathroom furniture will suit a minimalist space as it won't add additional materials that may create more visual clutter. Opting for a neutral shade is a wise decision if you want a bathroom to stand the test of time. 

Floating furniture

floating vanity unit - smart ideas for bathroom storage - home improvements -

Image: Crosswater

If a bathroom is short on floor space, floating furniture can help create the illusion of a larger floor plan. Opting for a design with a mix of display shelving and a closed off cabinet will help avoid a vanity unit dominating the space. 

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Built-in storage

yellow bathroom built in storage - smart ideas for bathroom storage - home improvements -

Image: Dornbracht

While built-in, fitted storage is less commonly seen in the bathroom, it offers the same advantages as it does in the rest of the home, offering the best use of the space by choosing something that both fits bespoke, and has the option to make use of the space right up to the ceiling. 

Choose a system that can be customised inside too, and you'll be able to create a storage area perfectly designed for your bathroom's individual requirements. 

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Built-in shelving

bathroom storage alcove shelves - smart ideas for bathroom storage - home improvements -

Image: Villeroy & Boch

Designing a bathroom scheme from scratch allows you to be flexible with storage decisions. Internal stud walls which allow for alcove shelving which won't impose on the rest of the space may reduce floor space when used unnecessarily, but where bathroom infrastructure, such as floating WC cisterns or shower controls require it anyway, it's a no brainer to claim back some of this otherwise lost space. 

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Play with height

bathroom ladder storage - smart ideas for bathroom storage - home improvements -

Image: The London Tile Co

Consider utilising the wall space in a bathroom for storage rather than cluttering the floor space. Ladder shelving cleverly uses the height of a bathroom without compromising on any storage space and is perfect for display attractive accessories and towels. Similarly, choose a wall mirror with hidden storage or minimalist wall shelves to maximise available space in a bathroom.


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