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 Contemporary interior featuring dark walls sitting monkey lamp geometric monochrome cushion and faux foliage,

Image: Dowsing and Reynolds

Design for joy

We spend so much of our lives at home it’s worth creating a good interior scheme that can boost your mood every day. Whether it’s a vibrant colour, eye-catching print or a soothing texture, your surroundings not only reflect your individual style, they can also determine the way you feel.

In order to create a look that reflects your unique taste, consider choosing colours, textures, patterns and fabrics that make you smile. Whether your personality is bold and vibrant or cool and collected, it’s important to make design decisions based on the heart rather than just merely following the latest trends.

 White kitchen counter with vase and autumnal plant interior design,

Image: @hornsby_style

Design from the heart

Before you create an interior design for any space, consider the following tips:

  1. Think about how you will use the space. Will it be an open-plan area to reflect your sociable personality? Or do you want to create quiet nooks you can retreat to?
  2. Consider what you want the scheme to say and the way you want to feel in the room
  3. Look to your wardrobe for inspiration – which colours and patterns do you wear most?
  4. Choose the colours you genuinely love, not just based on trends

 black cupboard doors with contemporary strap handles interior design,

Image: Dowsing and Reynolds

Design by experts

Dowsing & Reynolds has launched an online interior design service to help homeowners identify their interior style personality. Costing £145 per room or area, the in-depth consultation will enable you to create a strong emotional connection with your home through carefully selected interior design choices. Completely virtual, the process is led by the company’s in-house interior design experts Xander Shreenan and Connor Prestwood who will work with you to create a distinct, beautiful scheme.

White lamp with black markings

Image: Michael O’Hare porcelain light by Dowsing and Reynolds

In order to tailor the service to your taste, you’ll be asked to submit photos of the room you’d like to decorate. Next you’ll be invited to complete an online personality quiz. The questionnaire, which has been developed in collaboration with leading psychologist Kate Nightingale, will reveal a profile of your interior style personality.

After a further consultation to help build a clear picture of your preferences, Dowsing & Reynolds’ experienced design consultants will make a personalised, unbiased recommendation. You’ll receive suggestions for colour palettes, furniture, lighting and more from a variety of retailers to create a bespoke scheme that will bring you joy for years to come. In addition, clients will also receive £65 credit to spend on the Dowsing & Reynolds collection online.

 Kitchen counter with green doors and shelves


For more information on the Dowsing & Reynolds online interior design service, please visit their website.

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