Get a gravel drive that looks beautiful and stays where it should


Planning a classic gravel driveway but want to avoid the sinking and shifting that can leave it looking a mess? Here’s how to have a gravel driveway that’s permanently perfect...

large detached home with gravel drive two cars and garage

Image: Beauxfort

The drive of dreams

While gravel driveways work for most kinds of houses, they have extra impact in rural areas, and for homes that stand alone, often with long entrances. Instead of a stretch of unremarkable tarmac leading to your front door, a gravel driveway adds drama and style, with decorative gravels available. It’s the most attractive driveway option.

Of course, one of the reasons people go for tarmac instead is that they feel it’s easier to maintain, with gravel known to shift into piles, exposing the sub-base and perhaps requiring raking to even it out. The good news? Beauxfort’s Gravelrings design aims to consign that issue to the past, meaning you can have the perfect gravel drive.

close up of car wheel on gravel drive with home in background

Image: Beauxfort

Ringing in the changes

If you’ve gone to the trouble and expense of designing and building your own home, you want a drive to match. Gravelrings is a gravel grid system that has a mesh base covered in circular cells. It’s a modular system designed for both flexibility and strength and one that prevents both gravel migration and the build-up of silt, which helps to halt weed growth.

detail of gravel mesh system half covered with gravel

Image: Beauxfort

The benefits are numerous. Gravelrings have a low 25mm profile, meaning you won’t have to excavate as deeply as you would have to with other grid system, and you’ll need less gravel as a result. The mesh base acts as a gravel stabiliser that prevents gravel from falling beneath the grid, lifting it up and exposing it. The end result is a flawless gravel driveway.

driveway with gravel mesh system and wooden gate

Image: Beauxfort

Another fine mesh

This gravel retention grid is easy and quick to install, pre-assembled in 1㎡ sheets that clip together securely. That security doesn’t come at the expense of flexibility, however, with Gravelrings made to follow the contours of your drive – perfect for a sweeping, curved driveway.

man laying gravel grid mesh system on driveway

Image: Beauxfort

It’s permeable too, allowing rainfall to drain efficiently, further maintaining the consistent, even surface that’s the key to the very best driveways. To discover more about Gravelrings and other landscape systems that can enhance your grand design, or to order a free sample, visit Beauxfort online.

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