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Wood burning stoves are a desirable feature for many homes but come with caveats and issues around smoke zones and chimneys. A new all-in-one package from a reputable manufacturer, celebrating its 75th year, aims to tick all the right boxes…

open plan room decorated in white stove inset into pillar

Image: Celsius stove system from Schiedel

Simplicity itself

One of the things that turns people off wood burning stoves is negotiating the potential headaches around chimney and flue preparation and smoke control areas. Is your chimney right for the kind of stove you want? Do you have one at all? Are you allowed to burn smoke producing fuel where you live? Sometimes it’s just easier to go with an alternative.

But there’s nothing that can replace the convenience and romance of a wood burning stove, so Schiedel Chimney Systems Ltd have devised a comprehensive package that means you can plan for a stunning stove when designing or refreshing your home.

living room with sofa table dining table and large windows with view

Image: Sirius stove from Schiedel Chimney Systems

combined living and dining room with black woodburning stove and chimney

Image: Sirius stove from Schiedel Chimney Systems

The all inclusive approach

By combining stove and chimney, Schiedel ensure that all elements are manufactured to their exceptionally high standards. The Sirius stove, for example, is a stylish and eye-catching stove that delivers both aesthetically and in terms of performance.

It boasts an A+ energy rating and is DEFRA exempt, meaning it can be installed and used in smoke control areas. It also hits the highest clearSkies rating of 5, the independent mark of energy performance, as well as exceeding the stove industry’s new Ecodesign 2022 standard.

That’s not all. The construction of the flue pipe and stove means that the air is provided through the chimney flue, therefore this is an airtight system, meaning no external ventilation is required. This also ensures there is excellent distance to combustibles, making it an ideal solution for timber framed buildings. The two available models also give you flexibility in design terms, with traditional black and a glass fronted stove with two side windows to increase both visual impact and heat output.

open plan room with kitchen dining and living areas stove and wood panelling

Image: Sirius stove from Schiedel Chimney Systems

Safety and style

Along with good looks and emissions, another key concern for those considering a woodburning stove is safety. Schiedel’s Celsius system has been designed with safety concerns paramount, using a unique construction.

large open plan room with kitchen dining and living areas

Image: Schidel Chimney Systems

This visually impressive stove comes with easy to build chimney blocks formed from volcanic pumice, all of which is sourced at the Hekla volcano in Iceland. This volcanic pumice – which will last a lifetime – is a natural insulator which means that this package is perfect for log cabins and timber framed homes The contemporary design means that you or your designer can factor into your plans for a fabulous centrepiece that will provide year-round heat with the same impressive eco performance as the Sirius.To discover more about these unique, all-in-one woodburning stove and chimney packages, visit the Sirius page, the Celsius page,or email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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