How an energy saving desk can keep you warm and transform your home office


Whilst many people are already adapting to remote working, the events of the last year have made the home office a new reality for countless others. A new desk just made working from home a lot cosier…

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A desk for today

Whether you have a dedicated home office space or you’re working from the dining room, kitchen or living room, the pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the challenges of not being in a proper workplace. Once you’ve overcome the challenges of home schooling, there is still the issue of ergonomics at home – a laptop on your lap, sofa or dining table just isn’t going to cut it in terms of comfort and protecting your posture.

Fully remote or blended working will be an ongoing reality for many individuals, which is why it pays to keep a keen eye on desk design. okoform’s latest innovation is an offering which not only provides a sensible, spacious and adjustable desk, but one with built-in heating too.

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Heated desk features

While okoform’s heated desks perform well in shared offices where workers are able to warm themselves if they’re not happy with the ambient temperature, they also translate perfectly to home working.

Using radiant heat technology, the desks don’t heat the air, but objects and people, meaning your legs, arms, fingers and body – those bits most prone to getting chilly. It’s perfect if you’re working in a cold room but don’t want the expense of heating the entire home just to raise the temperature a few degrees. It’s also a great solution if you don’t have a home office and are perched somewhere exposed, close to a front or back door or draughty hallway.

top down view of desk showing mock up of interior heating elements

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Energy efficiency

While a heated desk may sound like a luxury, it’s also a good way to conserve energy. In addition to being a localised heating option, the use of infrared radiant heat technology means that okoform desks use just 260 watts to run, as opposed to 2500-3000 watts for the average desk fan heater. That’s a 90% energy and cost saving!

controls for heated office desk

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No reaching for a blanket, hugging hot drinks or putting on extra layers of clothing – your desk will keep you warm all day long. That’s not their only feature – they’re also simple to use, have height adjustability and there’s a mini ökoframe version if you’re short on space. Even better, if you prefer a sit-stand desk with its benefits for posture, there’s one of those too.

Contact okoform today to discover how the hottest innovation in home working can transform your office or shop the range now.

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