Home Improvements

We’re a nation obsessed with updating our houses. So make sure you equip yourself with expert advice from Grand Designs when it comes to your own home renovation project, whether it’s remodelling your bathroom, redesigning your kitchen, revamping your bedroom, or adding those finishing touches.

Home Improvements

Buyers guide to smart home security systems

Whatever your project, create peace of mind by planning in a home security smart system at the initial design stage of your build.
Home Improvements

A guide to broken-plan living spaces

Broken-plan living spaces are the new trend for open and sociable living areas.
Home Improvements

Buyer's guide to wallcoverings

Find out the importance of choosing a wallcovering that is influenced by how you use your room.
Home Improvements

Bifold doors or sliding doors?

Whether to choose bifold doors or sliding doors is one of the most common questions we get asked at IDSystems.
Home Improvements

Buyer's guide to glazed doors

Glazed doors are a great way to increase natural light in your home as well as increasing your energy efficiency.

Kevin McCloud on Britain's best restoration projects

Our editor-at-large steps back in time to visit a collection of amazing restoration projects.
Home Improvements

Buyer's guide to external cladding

Use the latest external material designs to make an impact with your home.
Home Improvements

Buyer's guide to bricks

Bricks are making a come back! Architects are embracing the versatility and durability of a brick build.
Home Improvements

Smart technology at home

Invest in smart technology to create more comfort and security for you and your family at home.
Home Improvements

Inside out spaces

An architect's brief calls for buildings to have a more meaningful connection with the outdoors, creating a closer relationship between house and garden.
Home Improvements

Buyer's guide to staircases

Making a swooping statement when designing your staircase can be an essential element.
Home Improvements

Create your dream office space

The appeal to work from home is easy to see, so create your dream office space to work within your specific requirements.

In the UK we are investing more and more time and money on home improvements to maintain the appearance of our houses inside and out, keep our interior style on-trend, and ensure that our properties are equipped with the latest eco-friendly or money-saving technology.

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Home improvements is a broad term that covers a whole host of building and decorating projects. From remodelling your kitchen to refurbishing your bathroom, adding an en suite or creating more storage space, these renovation projects will not only enhance your living environment but also add value to your property. Re-painting, decorating and adding finishing touches to any room is a relatively cheaper home improvement option that will modernise and freshen up your interiors as well as make your house more appealing on the house buying market. If your budget can stretch to it, a simple installation such as flooring, kitchen surfaces or a new staircase can help give your interiors even more impact. Externally, there are a number of improvements you can make to your property to make it more desirable, including roofing, guttering, lighting and landscaping.

Installing solar panels, investing in insulation and renewable heating options can help increase your home efficiency and cut your energy costs. Or perhaps you want to weigh up the benefits of underfloor heating against installing a fireplace or adding a wood burning stove. In every case, it’s important that when planning your own home improvement project that you plan and budget properly, and utilise all avenues available to help your budget stretch.