Box room ideas from Grand Designs Live 2020

Looking for inspiration for your compact spare room? Top interior designers share their box clever ideas

By Hugh Metcalf | 25 February 2020

Take a look at how the finalists for The Great British Box Room competition at Grand Designs Live London will bring life to their spare room schemes.

small office space with desk - grand designs

Image: Cuckooland 

As part of the London 2020 show, Grand Designs Live asked the UK’s best interior design talent to answer the brief of the Great British Box Room for a chance to feature at the show.

The resulting entries consisted of diverse, creative and clever concepts to transform the smallest rooms in our homes that are often left unused, forgotten or as a dumping ground.

Grand Designs Live has now chosen its finalists – take a look below to find out who they are and what they’re planning to do with their box room schemes.

House of Kin – reading room

Grand Designs Great British Box Room Anna Barber Moodboard

Image: Anna Barber 

Anna Barber of House Of Kin is looking to create a compact home library for adults and children to spend time together. A pull out bed and handy storage make for a functional space, while the designer will make the most use of the room’s small footprint with a miniature mezzanine level for the kids.