Grand Designs houses revealed ahead of new series

Take an exclusive sneak peek at the amazing TV houses Kevin McCloud will be touring in Grand Designs 2018

By Gemma Parkes | 17 August 2018

Take an exclusive first look at the amazing homes you’ll see in the eagerly anticipated 19th series of Channel 4’s Grand Designs…

White two-storey house with lawn and front garden with patio and potted tree

Image: David Giles

The first episode of Grand Designs‘ brand new series is fast approaching and we’re getting excited.

To whet your appetite, we’ve got a sneak preview of the inspiring houses Kevin McCloud will be documenting in the Befta award winning show’s 19th year.

Take a glimpse at this low-toxin, healthy home design

White two-storey house with lawn and front garden with patio and potted tree

Image: David Giles

  • Location: Richmond, Surrey
  • Grand Designers: Born and Elinor Barikor, 36 and 37
  • Type of property: Single-storey house with basement
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Size: 230sqm
  • Budget: £500,000
  • Plot cost: £765,000
  • Planning Stage Architects: Brookes Architects
  • Low Energy Consultants and Project Managers: Enhabit

This family home has been constructed with low-toxin materials, and includes a mechanical ventilation system to filter the air. Homeowners Born and Elinor’s two sons have serious allergies, and the couple hope the house will improve the boys’ lives.

The building is on a back garden plot, which the couple chose because it is very close to a hospital. Most of the house is below ground level, as planning stipulations only permitted a single storey above. Access to the site proved stressful as the couple had to negotiate with the neighbours before lorries could make deliveries.

Peak inside this zero-carbon cob house

wood staircase in kevin mccabe's cob house on grand designs series 19 on channel 4 - tv houses - granddesignsmagazine

Image: Mark Bolton

  • Location: East Devon
  • Grand Designers: Kevin McCabe, 56
  • Type of property:  Hand-built cob house and annex
  • Bedrooms: 4/5
  • Bathrooms: 6
  • Size: 900sqm (cob house 650sqm, link 80sqm, annex 150sqm)
  • Budget: £350,000
  • Plot cost: Land already owned
  • Architect: Barry Jobson, Bedford & Jobson Architects

Kevin McCabe, is the leading exponent of the ancient art of cob building, wrestling houses out of mud and straw with his bare hands. But he didn’t just want to build another cob house, he wanted to build a cob castle – a truly almighty challenge when you factor in that he also wanted the building to meet the highest environmental performance targets.

The original episode was broadcast in 2013 when the house didn’t even have windows. Now, in 2018, Kevin has finally completed his soil and straw masterpiece.