Grand Designs map
The Cave house, Grand Designs

Find Grand Designs house locations on a UK map

Roof Stores has mapped the location of every Grand Designs TV house in the UK

By Gemma Parkes |

Discover the locations of every Grand Designs property in the UK from seasons 1-18 on a nifty map.

Since Grand Designs first aired in 1999, millions of viewers tune in each year to watch ambitious self-builders turn their dream home into a reality with the help of trusty presenter, Kevin McCloud. Eighteen seasons and almost 200 episodes in, the highs and lows of each project continues to grip viewers with the uncertainty of self-build success or disaster.

water tower conversion tourist attraction london self build

Photo: Jefferson Smith

From the Water Tower in Kennington, London, to the Rockhouse Retreat in Worcester, Grand Designs has showcased a number of innovative and impressive builds over nineteen years, inspiring viewers who fantasise about building their own home.

For those still suffering with Grand Designs withdrawal, has designed a map infographic detailing the exact location of Grand Designs houses across the UK.

Grand Designs houses mapped


On the map showing a nation with a passion for creating their own homes, London features as the highest density with over twenty builds, and other examples are spread out across Britain, some of which you can even stay in.