Grand Designs TV house: Identical twins build two homes with ambitious budget

Revisit at the self-build homes built by identical twins in Sheffield, featured in the fifth episode of Grand Designs TV show hosted by Kevin McCloud on Channel 4.

By Gemma Parkes | 24 September 2018

Tour these near identical self build homes and take in the savvy, low cost design ideas featured

The exterior of the grand designs tv house 2018 built by identical twins - Grand Designs TV house preview - TV Houses -

Image: Fiona Walker Arnott 2018

The fifth episode of the 2018 series of Grand Designs‘ followed identical twins Nik and Jon Daughtry who run a design company together, drive the same car and even own identical dogs. Now these two brothers are building two near identical houses next door to each other. Raised up on steel stilts on the site of an old corn mill, these two extraordinary houses will pay tribute to Sheffield’s industrial past.

But Nik and Jon’s plan is incredibly ambitious. Not only do they want to build the two houses for the price of one, but the materials and finish have to be absolutely perfect too. With a budget of just three hundred and fifty thousand pounds for both buildings, it’s an almighty stretch right from the start.

Take a look at the sleek and modern features of each build.