Sneak a peek at the Lincolnshire TV house featured on Grand Designs episode 2, airing on Channel 4 on Wednesday 11th September at 9pm.

grand designs tv house in Lincolnshire featured in episode 2 of 2019 series on channel 4 and hosted by Kevin McCloud

Image: Fiona Walker Arnott

She sings in a rock band and practises Zen philosophy; he’s a self-confessed workaholic. But when it came to building their magnificent roundhouse near Boston in Lincolnshire, thoroughly modern couple Amy, 39, and Paul Wilkinson, 46, found inspiration in the misty Fenland past.

Take a look at some of the features in this Lincolnshire TV house, airing in episode 2 on Channel 4 at 9pm on 11th September 2019.

Unique circular design 

round kitchen in the lincolnshire grand designs tv house featured in the 2019 series of Grand Designs, on Channel 4, hosted by Kevin McCloud

Image: Fiona Walker Arnott

'When we set out, we initially thought of a large log cabin design,' says Paul, a property developer and entrepreneur.

'But then we were informed that to gain planning permission in this rural setting it would have to be something unique. So, with our love of history and the Celts, we thought we would bring the Celtic round house into the 21st century.'

Building methods

turquoise and white wood timber structure in hallway on grand designs tv house in lincolnshire, featured on episode 2 of 2019 series, on Channel 4, hosted by Kevin McCloud

Image: Fiona Walker Arnott

'In the Fens we all lived on houses built on stilts before the Iceni tribe invaded and built drainage systems and so on,' says straight-talking Paul.

'We got talking to a friend who had a timber construction company and we liked the idea of incorporating traditional wood and contemporary materials together.' 

Colour scheme

the silver, white and turquoise  living room in the lincolnshire grand designs tv house featured in 2019 series of Grand Designs, on Channel 4, hosted by Kevin McCloud

Image: Fiona Walker Arnott

'My favourite colour is turquoise,' she says simply.

'It always has been since I went to Jamaica when I was 10 years old and swam in a stunning turquoise lagoon. It’s stuck with me ever since. I nearly got swayed by looking at ideas on Pinterest with contemporary colours such as navy and mustard, or going down the copper route. But I stuck to my guns: white, turquoise and silver.'


Words: Jayne Dowle


Make sure you tune in to watch episode 2 on Channel 4 at 9pm.


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