Grand Designs: The Street episode 6 features Pauline and Godfrey Brandt downsizing to a single storey prefabricated modular house, with a few mortgage struggles along the way.

Pauline and Godfrey Brandt with Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs The Street Episode 6 on Channel 4

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Featuring self-builders, Godfrey and Pauline Brandt who are downsizing from their large three storey property in Southhampton, Grand Designs: The Street's sixth and final episode aired at 9pm on Thursday 9th May on Channel 4.

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Plot 9: Pauline and Godfrey, The Modular House

Pauline and Godfrey who built the modeuler house from Grand Designs The Street episode 6 on Channel 4

Image: Glenn Dearing, Channel 4 Publicity 

  • PLOT 9: The Modular House
  • NAMES: Pauline, 55, and Godfrey, 62
  • STARTED: August 2017
  • FINISHED: September 2018

Pauline and Godfrey are hoping to downsize from their three-floored suburban house in Southampton, to a bespoke single-storey modular dwelling. They settle on a particular construction system that allows their home to be built in a factory and delivered to site. But first they must tackle an unsympathetic mortgage market.

After a prolonged financial struggle, one company agrees to give them a mortgage, so they can embark on the journey of delivering their ideal home. However, it does mean any thoughts of Pauline’s retirement are put on hold.

Due to the delays, the company who were going to build their home can no longer complete the order, but thankfully they find another who can. Miraculously, in just 9 weeks from the moment their project hits the production line in the factory, a beautiful, bespoke home is delivered and assembled on plot 9, which goes some way to make up for all the trauma they’ve had to endure.


If you haven't seen the episode yet, make sure you catch up on All4 to follow the ups and downs of the build or if you're heading to Grand Designs Live this Friday 10th May, you can catch Pauline and Godfrey on stage with Kunle Barker at 2pm. If you haven't got tickets yet, take advantage of our exclusive ticket offer


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