These memorable TV houses feature unexpected materials and quirky design ideas

The eagerly anticipated new series of Channel 4’s Grand Designs has just made a welcome return to our screens. During the shows eighteen year run, there have been plenty of amazing self-build projects of different styles and build types to marvel over. Despite the diversity of each unique TV house, they’re all bound by a common driving force – the perseverance and willpower of the self-builders who take a huge leap of faith to see their dream through to reality. Here’s a reminder of some of the most memorable Grand Designs TV houses.  

Fun House Grand Designs

1. House of Fun

  • Series 17, 2016
  • Brick and zinc barn-style extension to a ninteenth-century gamekeeper's lodge
  • The build cost was £880,000
  • It took eighteen months to build
  • The size of the extension is 421sqm (the exisiting cottage is 110sqm

Cave House Conversion Grand Designs

2. Converted Cave Home

  • Series 16, 2015
  • The abandoned dwelling cost just £62,000
  • It cost £100,000 to build
  • It took nine months to build
  • The size of the house is 62sqm

 Shipping Container Conversion Grand Designs

3. Shipping Container House

  • Series 14, 2014
  • The budget was just £130,000
  • Four chipping containers make up the structure
  • It took seven months to build
  • The hom measures a modest 115sqm

 Kevin McClouds Top TV Houses4

4. Water-tower Conversion

  • Series 6, 2006
  • The building went on the market for £380,000
  • The 100ft tower was built in 1877
  • the tower has become something of a tourist attraction
  • The prospect room offers 360 degree views over London taking in The Shard, Big Ben and the London Eye 

 Lifeboat House Grand Designs

5. The Lifeboat Station

  • Series 11 , 2011
  • Kevin McCloud guesstimated that the build cost more than £600,00 alone, but owners Tim and Philomena O'Donovan wouldn't confirm
  • It took seven years just to start building which involved negoations with the Crown Estate to buy a freehold for their strip of the beach
  • The building is Grade II listed
  • The converted home has unimpededed view of the harbour in Tenby, south Wales

Image: Matt Chisnall; Andrew Wall; Aidan Monaghan; Jefferson Smith; Chris Tubbs

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