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What are the benefits of steel-framed windows and doors?

Twentieth-century architecture meets modern, high-performance design

Promotional Feature By Victoria Smith |

Steel window frames, the hallmark of 20th century architecture, are becoming increasingly popular in people’s homes. This is no passing trend, however. Steel-framed windows, doors and screens not only add a design-led edge to a project, they are built to last.

The experts at Clement Windows – who specialise in bespoke, high-performance steel windows, doors and screens – outline five reasons why steel window frames are such a good choice…

1. Slim frames maximise light

Steel’s incredible strength means the slimmest of frames can support large expanses of glazing . The result? Masses of natural light flooding into your home with an industrial-chic aesthetic.

2. Install them inside and out

Due to its strength and flexibility, steel is the ideal material for both external metal doors and internal partitions. Not only is it durable, it can be fashioned into any design.

3. Secure, energy efficient and sustainable

New or replacement steel windows can be manufactured with either multi-point locking or a traditional mortice lock for security.

They’re also a good bet for noise reduction, they can boost your home’s thermal efficiency – which is great news for your energy bills – and Clement’s frames are made from 98% recycled source material.

4. You can get creative

Steel’s malleability means a broad range of shapes and sizes are possible, meaning you can create designs ideal for a cottage, warehouse conversion or contemporary new build.

Take a look at Clement Windows’ gallery for examples. Various glazing options are also available, as well as a choice of colours, including bronze, metallics and classic black.

5. They’re conservation-area friendly

Steel windows are a popular option for properties of architectural note and can be used to replicate original or existing steel fenestration for both listed buildings and properties in conservation areas.

The Clement EB20 range has been developed for use in residential and commercial buildings requiring replacement windows where a traditional look is desired. Crafted to your specific requirements, each EB20 window comes with features that replicate steel windows while providing all the advantages of advanced security devices, sustainable credentials and energy efficiency.

About Clement Windows

Clement Windows provides a complete service, from technical drawings to manufacture, installation, and after-sales support.

Click here to explore a selection of previous projects featuring steel window frames. Clement Windows also offers a selection of conservation rooflights, available in either a tile or a slate profile.

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