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Make the transition between inside and out seamless with sliding doors

How IDSystems’ EDGE2.0 sliding doors can make the transition between inside and out virtually seamless

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Installing sliding glass doors is top of many homeowners’ renovation wish lists. Not only will they flood your home with natural light, but they can also be an effective way of maximising the space you have. They do this by making the transition from the inside of your home to your garden, patio, or terrace virtually seamless. When you blur the boundaries between inside and out, you’re increasing your home’s square footage by turning your outside area into a natural extension to your interior living space.

Sliding glass doors overlooking courtyard and rattan chairs

Photo: ID Systems / Chris Taylor Photography

Bring the outside in

For 20 years, IDSystems has been at the forefront of glazing design and installation. Therefore, the company’s innovative theEDGE2.0 sliding doors are a fantastic way of connecting your house and garden. These ultra-slim sliding doors are the latest and most advanced system in IDSystems’ product range, and a great solution for anyone seeking a product that’s both highly practical and aesthetically impressive.

A perfect fit

Featuring large panels of glass and aluminium frames that reduce sight lines to just 20mm, these doors are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. They will slot perfectly into any interior scheme and let the outside space do the talking by really maximising views. Available in a choice of configurations, sizes, and colours, they can be tailored to specific requirements. This ensures they suit any space down to the ground.

Kitchen island with dining room table and leather chairs overlooking courtyard

Photo: ID Systems / Chris Taylor Photography

Less is more

For London couple Andrew and Anna, theEDGE2.0 doors made all the difference to their extension project, providing the kind of pared-back design they were after: “There’s a paradox with glazing, because the better the glazing is, the better the frame, and the less you see it. That’s what we were looking for. Having this extension has transformed our lives – we can walk out onto the patio so freely and naturally.”

Courtyard with grey panelled flooring looking into kitchen space

Photo: ID Systems / Chris Taylor Photography

Watch the video below to see how IDSystems transformed the below London terraced home with a light-filled extension:

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