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First impressions count, which is why creating a welcoming entrance with a luxury front door that befits your grand design requires careful thought. You’ll need to pay close attention to the period and architectural design of your home, then there’s the proportions, materials, security, colour and detailing of the door to consider.

Just as with other elements of a home, the design of front doors has changed fast, and now they incorporate contemporary materials and construction and smart technology. Pirnar’s innovative aluminium and timber front doors represent the ideal balance between durability, energy efficiency and aesthetics. With hidden handles and fingerprint scanner, night illumination and Nero edition accessories, each is a masterpiece in itself.

Weatherproof front doors

A front door must be ready to face the world, whatever the weather. Innovative CarbonCore doors from Pirnar have an extremely rigid hybrid construction composed of carbon fibre and aluminium. Carbon fibres, also employed in aircraft construction, are extremely light, and several times stronger than steel. Together with aluminium, they ensure the doors will not warp in the scorching sun or in freezing temperatures. In combination with the unique Magnet WeatherSeal and reinforced threshold, a CarbonCore door has unmatched stability, watertightness and solidity of joints.

large modernist home with white facade and large glazed front door and entrance

A home with grand dimensions needs a suitably grand entrance

High-spec thermal and sound insulation

Since heat and sound transfer are key issues in any new-build project, you’ll want a door that exceeds expectations. High-spec thermal and sound insulation are second to none in Pirnar’s front doors. The SoundCore construction includes a soundproof panel, which together with CarbonCore provides soundproofing with a rating of 43 dB. ThermoCore includes ultra-thin glass nano-fibre insulation panels, combined with other insulating materials, to reduce heat leakage by 20% compared with conventional doors. Opt for the top-spec SupremeCore luxury front door and you can expect exceptional sound-proofing but also the lowest possible levels of heat loss.

modern double front door with long silver bar handles on an old white building

This modern Pirnar entrance perfectly complements classical architecture

An impressive entrance

If an impressive entrance is high on your wish list, a super-sized door is the answer. Whether it’s a single door with sidelights or a set of double doors, Pirnar will manufacture your order to suit the dimensions of your home. But if you want to go for all-out impression of grandeur, select a GRANDE door, which can go as large as 1,300 x 3,000mm. The largest to date – a magnificent 7.4 m high aluminium entrance door – was installed in the United Arab Emirates, but such installations are rare.

SmartLux lighting control and door locks on a modern house with large hallway

Create magical entrance with SmartLux lighting control and unlock the doors wherever you are

Smart front doors

A smart home starts with a luxury front door. Pirnar’s entrances can be fully controlled using the Pirnar mobile app. The SecuroSmart system has remote unlocking, plus you can control and log who enters your home and use a fingerprint setting for emergencies. And as dusk falls, SmartLux lighting allows you to remotely illuminate handles, pull bars and the threshold, bringing an almost magical dimension to the front door.

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