Maximise your views with modern glazing

Aluminium glazed door systems with slim sightlines are perfect for opening up your home, letting the light in and giving a sense of space

Promotional Feature By Andrew Emery | 25 June 2021

Slimline aluminium glazing profiles for lighter living

If you have a view to treasure, why block it up with clunky doors with thick frames? We take a look at how the latest technology can let the light into your home while keeping it warm and secure…

white modern design home with balconies patio area and garden

Sightline Aluminium

Lighten up

The poky, dark homes of the past are increasingly a distant memory. Those boxes with tiny windows were a stranger to natural light, something that architectural trends have erased over time. Modern homes, especially ones designed by architects in tandem with the owners, are all about making the most of natural light and blending inside with outside.

To blur the boundaries between interior and exterior, and to maximise any views you have, glazing is key. But how do you keep your home secure, safe and warm while letting the light do its thing? Easy – by using a contemporary, cutting-edge aluminium glazing system.

rear of modern home with large windows lit up

Sightline Aluminium

Glass with class

Sightline are experts in the glazing industry who, over 25 years of experience, have tailored their products to meet the news of modern homebuilders and renovators using the latest innovations.

Their door systems and rooflights deliver incredibly slim sightlines that utilise high-performance glazing to open up your home without compromising on strength and integrity.

They’ll work closely with you – from initial contact through to design, surveys, British manufacture and in-house installation – to ensure you get the results you dream of.