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victorian villa with modern kitchen extension and contemporary glazing

How modern glazing transformed an old villa

Adding swathes of glass to this historic property added a modern edge to a family home

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When the owners of this Victorian villa in Leeds wanted to restore and extend their property, finding a way to simultaneously respect its heritage and include modern design was crucial. Incorporating contemporary glazing in the form of windows and sliding doors from Schüco helped make it happen…

The design approach

The design approach was to restore the key elements of the building, while introducing contemporary features that would reflect the context and proportions of a Victorian villa. Gagarin Studio was commissioned to provide the architectural design along with the interior design and landscape treatments, while the fabricator commissioned to bring Gagarin’s designs to life with Schüco products was Gresson.

Contemporary glazing adds a modern edge to this kitchen extension in a Victorian villa

Contemporary glazing adds a modern edge to this Victorian villa. Photo: Gagarin Studio

Rethinking the space

In a bold move, the house was reoriented around a new cobbled courtyard, green-roofed loggia and entrance with high-level, glazed lanterns added to flood the interior with light. The stairwell was remodelled with double-height spaces to provide sweeping views and an elegant route through the heart of the home.

Making an entrance

A Schüco Jansen Janisol Arte 2.0 steel lantern was installed at the entrance of the property in front of the central stair, bringing in an abundance of natural light. The slimline proportions of the contemporary glazing meant they were the perfect choice for a style-led space, while sturdy steel ensured durability and security were covered too.

Large windows and vaulted ceilings let in plenty of light

Large windows and vaulted ceilings let in plenty of light. Photo: Gagarin Studio

Maximising the space

When it came to the kitchen/day room, the goal was to add light and open-up the space, so Schüco ASE 60 windows and sliding doors were installed. The ASE 60 lift-and-slide system was an obvious choice for both design and comfort thanks to its excellent thermal insulation values and slim face widths, while its optional components such as the Schüco SmartStop and Schüco SmartClose security and comfort technology ensured ease of use, and a slimline interlock section enabled inside and outside to merge.

Glazed connections

The same doors were also installed in a new zinc-clad extension connecting the kitchen garden, sun terrace and play spaces. This well-proportioned addition was designed to mirror the adjacent gabled roofs and dark gritstone of the original building, tying everything together in stunning style.

modern extension on a traditional victorian villa with lots of contemporary galzing

Contemporary glazing provides the bridge between old and new. Photo: Gagarin Studio

Contemporary glazing with minimal lines

Corner glazing was used throughout the home to flood its neutral interior with light: ‘Not only was Schüco able to provide us with reliable, top-quality products, but ones that would also fit the requirement for corner glazing,’ says Gayle Appleyard, Director at Gagarin Studio. ‘Schüco excels in producing products that enable designs that feature large-format glazing with reduced frames, for an extremely clean, minimal look. The result is a stunningly re-imagined home, full of light, beautiful finishes, and delightful spaces to enjoy for years to come.’

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