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Fencing without boundaries

Dependable steel fence posts are practical and add a striking backdrop to a garden design

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A cherished garden looks all the better when elegantly framed by a good fence. To show it off to its maximum potential it’s best to choose fence panels, fence posts and accessories that work in harmony. And by breaking away from the standard wood and concrete and opting for steel fence posts, you can create a dramatic backdrop for planting schemes.

garden fence with steel fence posts surrounding a circular garden

Image: DuraPost

Fence design ideas

In terms of the look of your fence, it’s easy to get carried away by the sheer range of panel options, but the supporting posts are an integral part of the design. To add to the contemporary feel of your Grand Designs self-build project, contrast close board or slatted horizontal fencing with dark posts. Or, for a seamless effect, paint panels in a deep anthracite shade to match the fence posts.

For country-garden appeal, you could team feather-edge vertical slats with dark brown or olive posts. DuraPost fence posts by Birkdale come in three powder-coated colours – Anthracite Grey, Sepia Brown and Olive Grey – as well as galvanised steel to create a smooth blend with the panelling or a contemporary contrast.

steel watering can next to a steel fence post

Image: DuraPost

Practicalities to consider

Keep things friendly by talking to neighbours before deciding on a low fence to maximise the light, or a taller one to preserve some privacy. Bear in mind that you’ll need planning permission for a fence that’s higher than 2m; other rules may apply if you’re in a conservation area or other restricted area or if the property is listed, so check with your local authority. DuraPost fence posts come in 1,800mm, 2,400mm, 2,700mm and 3,000mm lengths. Check whether you need to include DuraPost corner posts or gate posts to complete the project.

fencing ideas: woven wood slats in natural finish with contrasting steel fence posts

Image: DuraPost

The benefits of steel fence posts

Over time, timber posts can rot as the damp gets to them, and they do require regular maintenance. And if damp gets into a crack in a concrete post, the steel rebar within can rust, compromising the strength.

In contrast, DuraPost steel fence posts won’t rot, split or warp like wood or fail like concrete. Made from cold rolled, galvanised steel, including 50% recycled steel, DuraPost fence posts are completely recyclable once they’ve reached the end of their long life, and come with guarantees of up to 25 years. The posts won’t need any ongoing treatment once installed.

woman gardening next to a modern grey-painted low fence

Image: DuraPost

Fitting fence posts

Even if your DIY skills are sadly lacking, fitting a fence using DuraPost and prefabricated fence panels won’t be too taxing. Once you’ve marked out the position of the fence and dug the first hole, set the first post in place using post-fixing concrete. Check the height and use a spirit level to make sure it’s vertical. Position the first gravel board and secure it with screws. Fit the first fence panel, secure it with screws then move on and fit the second post and continue in this way.

modern garden with grey stone slabs and dark navy painted partition

Image: DuraPost

The final flourish

With matching accessories, you can complete the fence in style. DuraPost accessories include cover strips, steel post caps, composite gravel boards and capping rails for a neat finish.

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