How to choose a water feature for your garden 

A water feature plays an important role in an overall garden design.

By Hugh Metcalf | 24 July 2020

Bring the sound of water to your outdoor space to enhance its restorative, biophilic properties.

garden with central water feature - grand designs

Image: A fountain brings movement and sound to a custom raised pond in this design by Henry Scott of Pehrsson Scott. 

For some, a water feature in a garden may be considered a novelty – an extra element that’s a secondary consideration in the overall landscaping and planting design.

However, a water feature has more to offer your outdoor space than you may think… 

Benefits of a water feature

While water features are great design assets for a garden, offering movement and reflection, one of the biggest reasons why anyone should consider a water feature in their garden is for its audible qualities. 

“I often say to clients, if you can just get the sound of water into your garden,” garden designer Georgia Lindsay said during her Grand Designs Live from Home talk. “In an urban environment, you’re refocussing your ear away from neighbours, traffic noise and all those other periphery noises.”

The sound of water also has biophilic properties – recalling us to those positive experiences we’ve each had in nature. This gives a water feature the ability to create a relaxing and restorative feel in the garden. 

If space is tight, Georgia recommends even just a small bubbling water feature, placed in amongst the planting, to bring these benefits to your space. “You don’t even need to see that water source, but I love the sound, it’s so relaxing.” 

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