Garden and landscaping trends for 2020

The latest ideas for making the most of your outdoor space.

By Hugh Metcalf | 17 June 2020

If you’re planning to take on your garden before the end of summer, take a look at some of the latest ideas for stylish outdoor spaces.

modern london garden with multi-levels - grand designs - home improvements

Image: This elegant 30x4m garden in Richmond, Surrey, by designer Chris Harrington of Harrington Porter used reclaimed antique gates from a French chateaux

For many people this year, their garden has been a lifeline during lockdown, and if you hadn’t quite got around to making the most of yours, a few months spent stuck at home will have no doubt provided some motivation to do so.

Whether you’re engaging a garden designer, or plan to put in the work yourself, there are some key trends to consider to make the most out of your space for 2020 and beyond.

Outdoor living spaces

exterior seating space outside of modern home - grand designs - home improvements

Image: Designer wicker contemporary outdoor armchair and 3 seater sofa, Juliettes Interiors 

While the trend for creating comfortable ouside seating areas was on the rise for 2020 regardless, no one was quite expecting how important being able to use your garden space to get outdoors would be this year.

Louise Golden, resident gardener at Dobbies Garden Centres, describes the trend as he Fifth Room: “Often more than not it needs to flex to meet several purposes – an oasis for quiet contemplation, a play area for children and an entertaining space for social get togethers,” she says.

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Low maintenance planting

Some homeowners love to spend hours out in the garden, but many would prefer a planted space that tends to care for itself. There may not be such a thing as no maintenance, but evergreens need little care after planting, and look good all year around.

Avoid fine lawns and lots of containers for a hassle-free design, as these will require more care.

Container gardening

container gardening outside a modern outbuilding home - grand designs


However, container gardening is a trend in its own right. Flexible and easy to adapt when using your garden for different functions, choosing potted plants over traditional plant beds also a offers a less rigid style.

“Container gardening is not confined to small spaces, such as courtyards, balconies and roof gardens, or to urban areas either for that matter,” Modern Container Garden author Isabelle Palmer says. “Admittedly, if you only have a small balcony, then a few containers allow you to indulge your horticultural passion and enjoy plants throughout the year, but larger gardens can also benefit from some well-chosen containers.”

Outdoor kitchens

outdoor kitchen on scandinavian property - grand designs

Image: Lundhs Real Stone, courtesy of Scenario Interior Architects

To allow for al fresco entertaining alongsideyour outdoor living room, the garden kitchen has exploded in popularity in recent years. Elevating your barbecue area from a simple freestanding grill, you’ll now find a run of weather-proof countertop in many gardens, with built-in storage, cooking equipment and sometimes even an outdoor sink and fridge.

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