Opt for a loft ladder for safe and easy access to your vital storage space. 


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Whether you’re designing a brand new home or renovating your existing one, make the most of your loft space with a safe and space-saving ladder.

Lofty ambitions

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Lofts can often be forgotten and neglected - just the place where we stuff the Christmas decorations for 11 months of the year.

However, that’s often because they’re a tricky space to get to, but install a loft ladder from Werner and you can really make the most of that vital storage space all year round.

An easy step to storage

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Image: Werner

It’s much easier to utilise your loft space with a safe and convenient loft ladder. Werner’s easy stow aluminium loft ladder, for example, folds down in three sections and provides a secure way of climbing up to the loft. Unlike standard ladders, there’s no slippage as it’s securely fixed to the hatch. That stability gives you peace of mind when entering and exiting the loft.

Keeping a standard ladder on hand to access your loft is a messy solution – you have to store it when not in use and it's an unsightly trip hazard that doesn’t have the added security of a fixed ladder. A folding loft ladder, however, elegantly tucks away into the loft when you’ve finished with it.

Secure and simple

Supplied with all components necessary for installation, a Werner loft ladder doesn’t require a specialist to fix it – a competent DIYer will be able to install it securely. Werner’s expertise and attention to detail means that you’re using a product that meets safety standards and has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. Opt for a spring-assisted system for stowing and lowering the ladder plus an in-loft handrail for added ease and safety when leaving or entering the loft; or, for either aluminium or timber ladders depending on your style preferences.

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Image: Werner

Browse Werner’s reliable range of loft ladders online or find them at reputable DIY retailers.

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