Explore the possibilities of holiday ownership with Marriott Vacation Club

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 Marriott Vacation Club®


Experience the ultimate vacation with Marriott Vacation Club®!
Their wide range of timeshare resorts and city properties are designed to meet your unique needs in the most desired destinations. Enjoy exclusive benefits, including flexibility and personalised experiences tailored just for you.

Starting from £278, enjoy a highly subsidised trial package and experience this special resort holiday, including great amenities from spa facilities to programmed activities. Choose between four breath taking locations (Estepona, Marbella, Mallorca and near Paris). Plus, you have 12 months to use it, so you can travel when you are ready.

From £278* your travel package includes:

• Three nights in a spacious and fully furnished two-bedroom accommodation (sleeping up to six family members)

• Choose from a variety luxurious resorts in a variety of locations (Estepona, Marbella, Costa del Sol, Mallorca and near Paris)

• Travel flexibility with 12 months to use your package

• A personalised introduction to a world of holidays with Marriott Vacation Club®**

Becoming a Marriott Vacation Club® Owner gives you the flexibility to use a holiday home at a fraction of the cost of whole home ownership, while keeping everything hassle-free. Plus, enjoy access to 50+ Marriott Vacation Club Resorts — and thousands of additional holiday options in the Marriott® family of brands.

Entry requirements:

• Couples (spouses/partners) aged between 30-70

• Joint annual income in excess of £65,000

• Attendance at a sales presentation lasting approximately 90 minutes about Marriott Vacation Club products constitutes a condition of this offer

• All qualified couples must attend the presentation together to benefit from this offer***


*High and mid-season supplement can apply in certain season.

**Attendance to a 90-minute personal sales presentation about Marriott Vacation Club Holiday Ownership products is required to take advantage of this package. Location to be confirmed at check-in where guests will receive a map of where to attend the presentation.

**Any Qualified Couples that choose not to attend the presentation shall be charged the full retail cost of the offer.