Property experts agree that a loft conversion is the home improvement likely to add most value.


a converted loft with bed and chair

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People living in the UK inhabit some of the smallest homes in Europe. If your home is starting to feel too small for your family, that might be because it actually is.

However, that doesn’t mean the only answer is moving to or building a new home – why go through all that upheaval just for an extra bedroom? The most elegant solution to getting more space is likely be sat, unused, on the top of your house. 

converted loft with childrens beds and toys

Image: Econoloft

The benefits of a loft conversion

A loft conversion is a surprisingly simple way to get that extra space you need – while adding value to your home. It turns out that most existing homes are suitable for a loft conversion. If you have a minimum height of 2.3m from the top of the existing ceiling joists to the bottom of the existing ridge board, a loft conversion is usually feasible.

Better still, the majority of loft conversions don’t need planning permission and can be carried out under Permitted Development. There are, of course, exceptions – these include flats, some new houses, properties within conservation areas and all listed buildings. 

loft conversion with French doors bed and velux windows

Image: Econoloft

Planning the most suitable build for you

You may have an idea of what you’d do with a loft conversion, but equally important is the possibilities of what you could achieve with the space. Family business Econoloft offer a free feasibility study to potential customers – asking you about your requirements, but also look at what would work best in your existing property. Econoloft don’t just do the loft conversion - the process starts from the initial designs and plans. It’s an approach that offers you guaranteed peace of mind that you’re making the most suitable use of your space and getting a conversion that will enhance how you live.

bathroom with toilet vanity unit and walk in shower

Image: Econoloft

Lofty pursuits

So, what would you do with your space? The most popular loft conversion is a master bedroom with ensuite, however, many families will choose to add bedrooms for their children too.

You could also consider a games or hobby room, an entertainment hub for all the family, a spacious home office or even a granny flat. Whatever your need, you’ll get the space you require without upping sticks and you’ll add value in the long term.

exterior of house with converted loft

Image: Econoloft

Speak to Econoloft, established for over 40 years, to discuss your needs. A high-quality loft conversion could transform your home, and it might be much more affordable than you think.

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