Some of the most fascinating Grand Designs stories are transformations of existing buildings. Who could forget the ruined castle or abandoned cinema featured on the TV series? Explore more loft, warehouse and barn conversions and learn how you can create your own living space in a converted building.


Half-submerged house in America

Eye catcher, Half-submerged house in America

Guide to finding the right property to renovate

If you're looking for a property to transform, our no-nonsense guide will help you find the ideal project

Loft conversion ideas

A loft conversion is a great way to renovate, add to your existing house structure and create more living space.

Victorian semi renovation in Wandsworth, London

Jon and Jenny Plant turned their run-down house into a stylish home with bespoke touches of joinery and glazing.

Former sanatorium conversion in East Sussex

With meticulous attention to detail, British designer Terence Woodgate has transformed a former sanatorium in East Sussex into a modern minimalist family home.

Kevin McCloud on how our homes give us the chance to reflect and have new experiences

Our editor-at-large ponders how our homes can give us a chance to reflect and have new experiences.

Converted oat mill

This converted oat mill is a strikingly modern and eco-concious family home.

Clever conversions

A converted building can be an exciting place to live, but the planning and transformation of the project must be sensitive to its needs.

Conversion: Two neighbouring loft-style flats into one apartment

When their London loft-style home became too small, the Contaroudas' converted their loft into one spacious apartment for their family.

George Clarke: Is a garage conversion a good investment?

George Clarke on how a garden conversion can be a good investment for your home.

Factory Conversion in Berlin

An unloved factory is converted into a spacious family home in the heart of Berlin, Germany.

Nineteenth century period property conversion

Reducing the overall floor space was the magic key that opened up this nineteenth century period property and brought it up to date.

Conversion projects are becoming ever more popular in the UK, with many people purchasing old or disused buildings such as barns, factories, warehouses, mills and even chapels or churches and transforming them into comfortable, functional family homes.

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Undertaking a self build project to convert an existing building into a practical living area can be an economical home buying solution for people on a tighter financial budget. It’s an option for people wanting to embark on a home building project in order to create a truly unique and outstanding home.

Equally, converting a building or space on your existing plot into a living space is a great way to extend your home and add value to your property. Loft, shed and garage conversions are common ways to make the best use of existing space and avoid the costs incurred from moving house. Many companies and individuals are now buying large buildings and changing them into multiple self contained flats as rental opportunities and an income source. Alternatively, buying two neighbouring properties and combining them into one larger living space is also an option.

Converting a building specifically into a home can take a lot of careful planning, with potentially years of hard work involved. Detailed planning permissions are very important for such projects, mainly because some might be listed buildings and require special compensation.

Financing a conversion build project can be incredibly difficult to estimate as each property will be different and the conditions could have a huge impact on expenses. There are ways to create more of an income to your budget by using your own home to make money.