Overhead view of the Toto flotation tub in a home spa bathroom

Spa bathroom design and installation tips

Create a wellness scheme with high-performance fittings that look good and are a pleasure to use

By Paula Woods | 12 October 2020

Having a space where you can escape everyday life to rejuvenate your body and mind has great value in this frenetic world. The plethora of massage showers, whirlpool baths, steam cabins and saunas tap into a desire for a multipurpose bathroom with therapeutic benefits. Designing a scheme with high-performance fittings that are a pleasure to use and that look good too, is a balancing act between function and aesthetics. Create a spa bathroom to relax and recharge in with this practical design and installation advice.

freestanding bath with gold floor-mounted tap in a spa bathroom with potted plants hanging from the ceiling

Terrassa oval freestanding bath from Victoria + Albert Baths

What’s your budget?

Whether renovating your bathroom or building a new one, take time to decide exactly which features you want. You may need to prioritise a wish list, taking into account the size of the room and your budget. Massage showers, whirlpools, steam cabins and saunas are pricey and you’ll need to factor in the cost of installing adequate services, ventilation and drainage.

A question of space

If you are renovating and want to invest in a luxurious scheme but your bathroom is small, consider stealing space from an adjacent room, corridor or landing. Changing the position of pipework and the soil pipes may also free-up space and give you greater flexibility with the layout but moving the soil pipe will add to the cost of the project. What about access? Will the spa bath you have your heart on fit through doorways and up the stairs? And is the bathroom floor robust enough to support it safely?

small bathroom with dark mosaic tiles and inset tub in a spa bathroom

Small spa bathroom, with Bisazza tiles, by Annabella Nasettihr