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We’re all keen to save on energy costs and cut down water usage. After all, with ever-increasing energy costs and the effects of climate change, saving resources at home is more important than ever. Leading tap and shower expert GROHE has been exploring just what can be done to save water in the bathroom and kitchen. Whether you’re building your own home, carrying out a renovation or simply upgrading your bathroom or kitchen, design and technology-led products from GROHE have a part to play.

Limit the flow

We are used to using taps without thinking about the amount of water we are using. GROHE’s water saving technologies for taps and showers can help to reduce your water consumption by up to 50%.

With the use of a flow limiter, GROHE Ecojoy technology helps to save water in the bathroom by reducing the flow of water from your basin tap from 10 litres per minute to just over 5 litres per minute. In the shower, that could be a reduction from 15 litres per minute to 7.5 litres per minute. Though you are reducing your water consumption, your experience won’t be compromised thanks to the introduction of an aerator that injects a fine stream of air bubbles into the water – providing a strong and powerful flow of water.

chrome energy-efficient shower with two shower heads and modern technology to help save water in the bathroom

Photo: GROHE

Tap into energy-saving technology

When using more hot water then needed, we are actively wasting energy as the extra water is being heated by your boiler. water. This results in higher energy bills and higher carbon emissions. GROHE’s cold-start technology SilkMove ES taps provides the ultimate solution. With this technology only cold water is provided when the lever is in the middle, neutral position. This way turning the tap needs to be turned 90 degrees to get warm water, making it  a conscious decision.

Thermostatic controls for peace of mind

Another way to save water and reduce wastage is the use thermostats to control the temperature in the shower. As an added bonus, you will reduce the chances of scalding water or a fluctuation in temperature that can suddenly turn your showering experience to a freezing blast.

GROHE thermostats help to even out the flow of water providing steady temperatures and individual settings. The GROHE Turbostat will deliver the desired shower temperature in a fraction of a second and will keep it constant for the duration of your shower.

modern chrome shower tap splashed with water against a white wall

Photo: GROHE

The right approach

With water being a precious resource, every drop makes a difference. Saving water and using it sustainably is one of GROHE’s core values. The company has set itself the goal of eliminating unnecessary plastic in all products and turning to plastic-free packaging to cut down on usage. Now 82% of GROHE’s product range is free from plastic packaging.

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