Creating an ‘Industrial’ vibe within your bathroom

Get the industrial bathroom trend with Duravit's stylish new bathroom collections.

By Jennifer Turner | 1 October 2018

Darker shades, chrome highlights and precise lines establish the ’Industrial Feel’

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grand designs duravit bathroom purple sink glass window

Image: Duravit

Historically industrial style has been associated with large ‘American loft style’ spaces, however, elements of the industrial look has been adapted. It has become more accessible, especially for use within smaller and enclosed areas including bathrooms. Muted, softer versions of this look can work well, as the more obvious aspects of industrial styling such as rough weathered surfaces, exposed brick and pipework are often too harsh for, what is, after all a home.

grand designs oct18 duravit bathroom sink charcoal white metal tap

Image: Duravit

Colour plays a large part in helping create the feel you want to achieve. Grey is the ideal partner for countless colour combinations in fact tones of grey are amongst the best-loved colours in architecture, by using darker tones in what is usually a light and bright area such as the shower you can influence the mood of the room.

grand designs oct18 duravit bathroom free standing bath tub glass panel

Image: Duravit