Clever ways to remodel your bathroom

Clever ways to rethink the design and remodeling of your bathroom.

By Rachel Ogden | 13 January 2017

If a poorly planned space is getting you down, rethink its design with smart storage and clever fixtures.

Clever ways to remodel your bathroom copy

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Generally short on space, the average UK bathroom rarely works as well as it could. Many are shoehorned into a room where the position of utilities dictates where the main elements sit. However, remodelling the layout doesn’t mean having to rip everything out and start from scratch.

A smarter, sleeker look is often simple to achieve with space-saving furniture, sanitaryware to suit the situation and some clever design tricks. ‘Space can be created from even the most limited area,’ reveals Karen Sperrin, commercial manager at Smiths Briten (0845 634 4321; purebathroom ‘Typically, the main waste outlet and water inlet can limit the options available, but with clever planning this can always be altered to fit your design.’


Evaluate your layout

List your needs. While every bathroom is different, there are some common problems – a lack of space, shortage of storage and a haphazard layout. Start by listing the issues with your current bathroom, as well as the things you like about it. It may be that you don’t use the bath as often as a shower, so you could remove the bath to gain some extra space for storage. For now, don’t factor in budget – this process is about identifying what your bathroom needs to work well and can be adapted to suit your spend.

Clever ways to remodel your bathroom copy

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Measure up. Next, take accurate dimensions of the room, find out where your water, waste and heating pipes are, and try a few online planning tools to experiment with different arrangements. ‘Layout is a major factor in any successful bathroom renovation,’ says Leanne Martin, head of product at Ideal Standard (01482 346 461; ‘For example, furniture that fits in corners is useful for packing more features into a small space. Could repositioning the basin and WC leave you with room for a freestanding bath, or could a slim-line basin or compact WC free up space for extra storage? Prior to ordering any products, consult a plumber who will be able to advise if your fixtures can be moved and check that the plans you have for your project are possible.’

Reconfigure the essentials. Moving plumbing and soil pipes tends to be expensive and time-consuming. However, it’s often the key to creating better flow within the layout, meaning you may be able to tuck a WC around a corner or make a bath or shower more accessible. When planning, don’t forget details that can go overlooked, such as provision for an extractor fan, where your room’s windows are located and which direction the door opens.


Stretch your space

Clutter-free bathrooms don’t happen by accident, so when you’re remodelling, it’s crucial to include sufficient storage, and banish visual clutter, such as pipework. Try to explore as many options as possible. ‘You could make the most of narrow wall spaces with tall, pigeonhole-style shelves,’ suggests James Holt, co-founder of Holt Construction (020 8878 2555; ‘They are wonderfully compact and still allow you to display items. You could also declutter your shower by incorporating recessed panels to ensure your toiletries are close to hand.